Doing business remotely, staying secure and returning to work safely

Our specialists are our greatest asset as they continue to be the cornerstone empowering Smrtdo to deliver reliable solutions for our clients. Enabling remote work policies and practices in our organization was the best way to protect our team and ensure business continuity for our clients. Since day one, we made sure that we have the right tools and resources available to be as productive as we would be at our offices.

At Smrtdo, we adapt and respond strategically as a team to these new challenges in both operational and support roles.

While we are slowly returning to our offices during 2021, we continue monitoring the COVID-19 situation closely and taking the necessary precautions to support the well-being of our team members.
95   %
Of our Staff working remotely
Data processed during 2020

Internal Support Efforts

Prioritising safety and wellbeing
Prioritising safety and wellbeing
At Smrtdo, we continue to provide webinars about how to be a healthy homeworker, mental health support, how to navigate this "new normal" and productivity.

We also have a primary care physician available during business hours to address physical health concerns and educate on how to sustain a healthy lifestyle at this time.
Covid Securing our offices
Covid Securing our offices
Our locations are Covid-Secure, enabling office and remote working to be possible.

The measures include a temperature check at the entrance of the building, hygiene stations, social distancing signs and desk seating two meters apart or more. We continue to follow international guidelines and work hard to ensure the safety of our staff.
Staying up to date with the latest information
Staying up to date with the latest information
Our C.E.O. hosts monthly all-hands meetings to keep staff updated about the current health situation, highlights and share business updates.

We continue to host online Q&A sessions, meetings and newsletters to keep the company informed and able to ask questions if needed.

We do our part to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in our communities

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